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Best Rishikesh yoga teacher training Ashram | Meditation Retreat

Best Yoga Teacher training and Yoga school Rishikesh, free yoga classes & Meditation yoga ashram to stay in Rishikesh and Parmarth Niketan ashram stay price. Learn About yoga and meditation in with the best guru or teacher in the ashram at Rishikesh, that can change the way of life.

Best Yoga and Meditation Retreat In Rishikesh:

Yoga has become passion across the world because it helps to remove stress and other health issues with meditation and yoga. Rishikesh(Uttarakhand) is one among the popular destination spot for doing Yoga and meditation because it is fully covered with natural beauties. Nowadays more and more people are aware of yoga with their advantages, which make their mental and health life comfortable and easy lifestyle.

Here we are discussing some of the best city in all over India i.e., Rishikesh, which is famous for many activities such as rafting, camping, and all adventure activity. But behind the adventure spots there is an activity also conducted in this place, Yes we are talking about Yoga and meditation in Rishikesh which is conducted by a guru or teacher in an ashram or in other places.

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Best Camping Packages In Rishikesh

Best places are available for taking registrations in an ashram and many other related places are available:

  1. Yoga Niketan: 
  • It is found in 1964, by Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramahansa, it is located near Muni-ki-Reti.
  • Students Must follow the everyday schedule for yoga and meditation.
  • Ashram has 100 private rooms available for students, with bathrooms and all necessary requirement.
  • Carry your Identification Details Like Aadhar card, Pan card, DL   etc.,
  • Rooms are starts With 300/- per day.
  • Contact For Packages

2. Parmarth Niketan:

  • It is suitated, On the banks of the holy river Ganga in Rishikesh.
  • It is the biggest ashram in Rishikesh.
  • It has 1000 room capacity in eight acre campus.
  • 15 days intial stays are permitted.
  •  3 times meals and 2 times yoga are included in the price.

3. Swami Dayananda Ashram:

  • The Ashram was created by  Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1960.
  • It is located near Ram Jhula Rishikesh just for a walk of 10 minutes from Ram Jhula.
  • More than 150 rooms attached with bathrooms are available.

Above are Some Important Ashram which are running Yoga and meditation classes from Past many years but Now, there are many yoga and meditation classes which are running smoothly in Rishikesh, if you want to know more about the classes drop your message in our social media contact or you can drop your message below we will provide you all the details related to yoga and meditation classes in Rishikesh.

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Some Features – Yoga and Meditation:

  • Teacher/Guide are always available during meditation and Yoga Classes.
  • All teacher or guide is well experienced.
  • Open Space Yoga and meditation are available during Course.
  • Yoga Halls are Clean and fill with a positive environment.
  • Food Quality in the ashram is always been Fresh. No compromise with Health.

Goals and Objective- Yoga and Meditation:

  1. To teach the yoga in a modern and actual way, so that every person can do the yoga with respect.
  2. To complete the dream of a healthy society by Yoga which make physically and mentally strong.
  3. To spread the yoga and meditation in worldwide With the help of highly trained Teachers who give the whole knowledge about Yoga and meditation across the world.
  4. Make the stress level in control by meditation and yoga by learning and practising the yoga every day.
  5.  Teach every student with the best level of yoga in  a systematic way of learning.
  6. Our goal is to provide the deep knowledge and traditional yoga that inspire many yogic people around the world.


Yoga in Rishikesh | Meditation,Training

Best Yoga school and Yoga Teacher training Rishikesh, & Meditation free yoga classes yoga. Parmarth Niketan ashram stays price and ashram to stay in Rishikesh. Learn more About yoga and meditation in with the best guru or mentors in the ashram at Rishikesh.

Yoga in Rishikesh | meditation, training:

Yoga was developed up to 5000 years ago in India as a comprehensive system for well being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

yoga life




Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and Meditation


Rishikesh is located in the north part of india in uttarakhand and it is also known as “YOGA Capital of the world”.Even though Rishikesh is a popular tourist destination with a majority of international tourists. It is one of the most spritually enchanting destinations in the world and praticising or learn meditation. The city is also a popular tourist destination for the adventure seekers.


Yoga is a method which makes us to feel better. Practicing the postures, breathing exercise and meditation makes you healthier in body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps to manage or control anxiety, asthma, back pain, blood pressure and other conditions or diseases.

yoga environment
yoga environment


  • Improve circulation of blood.
  • Lowers fat.
  • Improve our thinking process.
  • Free from diseases.
  • Improve muscle tone, flexibility, stamina and strength.


Yoga travelled to the west in the late 1800s and early in 1900s, and it all began with   Swami Vivekananda’s speech at the 1893 Parliament of Religions in Chicago. He spoke mostly about Raja yoga which is known as the yoga of the mind, which is practiced through meditation and mental discipline. Vivekanand also speak about the Eight-Limbed Yogic Path which have been described in Yoga Sutras. These include:- yamas (restraint),niyamas (observances), asanas (postures),Pranayam (breathing techniques), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi.

yoga training


yoga day
Yoga Aasan



  • HATHA YOGA: This is physical and mental branch designed to prime and the body mind.
  • RAJA YOGA : This branch involves a
    types of yoga

    meditation and strict adherence to a series of disciplinary steps known as the “eight limbs” of yoga.

  • KARMA YOGA: This is a path of service that aim to create a future from negativity and selfishness.
  • BHAKTI YOGA: This aims to establish the path of devotion, a positive way to channel emotions and cultivated acceptance and tolerance.
  • JNANA YOGA:- This branch of yoga about wisdom, the path of the scholar and developing the intellect through study.
  • TANTRA YOGA:- This is the pathway of ritual, ceremony, or consummation of a relationship.



  • Eat sentiment food.
  • Regularly, a few in the morning and a few in the evening before eating(leave 20-30 minutes).
  • Try to wear lose clothes.
  • Use blanket and mat to make postures on yoga.


  • Do not eat heavy while doing yoga, wait until 2-3 hours after large meals.
  • Don’t do yoga in drafty place or under direct sunlight.
  • Do not touch shower or drink water after yoga for 30 minutes of yoga. Do not do strenuous exercise after yoga.

For any type of guideline and help please like and comment on my page. Here are us to help you in any part of yoga. We provide you all facilities regarding yoga and meditation with good environment and key features.

Best Camping Packages in Rishikesh Uttarakhand – Price booking, Rates,Season,Discount

Best Camping packages, cheap packages prices in Rishikesh, Shivpuri and advance booking for riverside beach camping. All Facilities available like 2 days night, 5 star Camp, luxury camp in rishikesh Uttarakhand – Price booking, Rates, Charges, season and Discount when booking In Uttarakhand life.

Camping Packages Available for Rishikesh Uttarakhand With Advance Booking:

Nature is a precious gift to humans being, the kind of thrill, exploring, nature view, happiness, the adventure we can get from nature, is hard to ding from somewhere else. As an individual, we want adventure thrill, excitement, and of course satisfaction in our life, to experience adventure in a realistic way, thrill excitement in our way and the best answer is “rafting in a river”. Sports or adventure that make us feel happy and give you a kind of satisfaction to see the actual beauty of nature.

When it about rafting. The first town comes to our mind is Rishikesh which is in Uttarakhand. A holy place in the Himalayan foothills and it is situated in the bank of Ganga river, it is famous for fantastic outdoor and attractive camping packages which make your weekends special and memorable.

Some Of the Adventure activities in Rishikesh like river rafting, camping, jungle, bonfire, body surfing, trekking, jumping, cliff, also there are many types of famous camping available like deluxe camping, premium camping and many more which make the adventure more safely and sincerely.

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Camping in rishkesh
Camping At Rishikesh

Time Duration – 1 Night | 2 Days Camping starts from 250

You can also Try for –

Premium Forest Camping package –
Starts from: 1700 Per person
Time duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Camping Type: Premium Forest Camping
Adventure activities: Jungle Trekking, Cliff Jumping, Camping, Bonfire, Body Surfing, Swimming, River rafting.

Deluxe Camping & River rafting package 
starts from 

Starts from: 2200/per person
Time duration: 2 Night/3 Days
Camping Type: Deluxe Camping
Adventure activities: Bonfire, Jungle trekking, Camping, River rafting, cliff, body surfing swimming.

Deluxe camping Bungee jumping packages
Package Price: 5400/per person
Time duration : 2 night/3days
Camping Type: Deluxe Camping
Adventure Activities: Bungee Jumping, Camping, River rafting, cliff jumping, swimming, Body surfing.

Premium Forest Camping, Bungee jumping package.
Package price: 6000/per person
Time duration: 2 night/3 days
Camping type: Luxury camping
Adventure Activities: Bonfire, Camping, River rafting, Bungee Jumping, Body surfing, swimming, cliff jumping.

Adventure In Rishikesh Tour Packages
Package price: a 12000/per person
Time duration : 3 night/4 days
Camping type: Premium Camping
Adventure Activities: Bonfire, Camping, River rafting, Bungee Jumping, Body surfing, swimming, cliff jumping.

 Camping In Weekend At Riverside
Package price: 1200 per person
Time duration: 1 night’s/2 days
Camping type: Deluxe camping
Adventure Activities: River Rafting, Camping, Jungle Trekking, Bonfire,  Body Surfing, Swimming


Luxury-Camping At Rishikesh
Luxury-Camping At Rishikesh

Package Inclusions :

2 days stay at luxury camp 2 breakfast’s 2 lunches, 2 dinners per person.

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Morning |Evening tea | coffee with cookies

So book your package with the best price as soon as possible to get exciting deals and offers at a very affordable price and make your holidays more exciting  & thrilled with best packaging deals so hurry up.



River Rafting in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand Real Adventure Beach Camping

Best River Rafting Season in Rishikesh Price and booking in Uttarakhand and Packages from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh Get the amazing packages of River rafting in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, real adventure beach camping in Shivpuri, Rishikesh.

River Rafting in Rishikesh Uttrakhand:

Rafting is a real adventure sport which gives us a close experience of forest and its strength. In Rishikesh many tourist visits to get that experience of adventure, they like to enjoy their trip by booking Rishikesh camping and river rafting packages. Rafting is sports which increase our self-confidence to achieve our goals whatever we decide and want it in our life. It helps to remove hunt from our heart of death. There are many things which you should know before going on this real adventure experience in Uttarakhand.

Rafting in rishikesh uttrakhand booking
Rafting in Rishikesh Uttarakhand booking
  • Rafting sports is only for a group of person. One single person can’t handle a raft, So he needs his team who will support him/her to enjoy this adventure.
  • This adventure sport is very dangerous and can take anyone’s life. So don’t make any mistakes and own decisions without consulting with your team.
  • Follow the instructions and listen to all the information of your instructor/guide. So Don’t misbehave with your life saver. He is the only one who has years of experience.
  • Take one extra pair of clothes, sunscreen (if you want), electronic gadgets like (mobile, camera). These things are only your responsibility.

Rates and Rafting Point destination in Rishikesh

Starting PointKilometerRapidTimeRate
Brahmpuri To Rishikesh10Km(Approx)Grade Two2 Hrs350 Per Person
Shivpuri To Rishikesh16KmsUp to Grade Third plus03-3.5Hrs500 Per Person
Marine Drive To Rishikesh26KmsUp to Grade Third plus04 Hrs700 Per Person
Kaudiyala To Rishikesh36 KmsUp to Grade Fourth plus05-06 Hrs1200 Per Person
Best Rafting In Bharmpuri-rafting
Best Rafting In Bharmpuri-rafting

Real Adventure Rafting in Uttrakhand

The Rafting packages are also available with adventure combos which helps you to get amazing discount deals. Rafting adventure gives you amazing memorable moments which you can’t forget in your whole life. You will feel like that you did something special in your life. This adventure will throw out your fear of water and hight because you will do it yourself in it. So come Rishikesh and book our Rafting package online from these given links.