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Paragliding, Trekking, Skydiving in Nainital or Bhimtal Price, Height.

Paragliding In Nainital, Trekking In Nainital, Skydiving in Nainital Package Available at Low Price / Cost. Bhimtal Trek, Roopkund Trek, Bhramtal Trek Price, height. Everything you can find here with the best price and Paragliding, Trekking, Skydiving service provider in Nainital or Bhimtal.

Paragliding in Nainital | Trekking in Bhimtal

Ones in life everybody should come to Uttarakhand the land of GOD where you can find peace and serene the beautiful northern Indian states situated in the Himalayas. And in the Uttarakhand, Nainital is one of the best places for tourist where you can find many lakes, hills and you can do many things like Paragliding, Trekking, Skydiving.

Best Paragliding Package in Nainital At Low Cost

Paragliding in Nainital is one of the best thrilling and sports adventures in the heights of Nainital hills if you are looking for a heart-stopping adventure come and feel the beauty of nature and take it in your soul.

  • You will fly above Naukuchiatal with the colorful butterflies and the beautiful birds at the foothills of the Kumaon Mountains.
  • The weight limitation on paragliding in Nainital is 20 to 80 KG and the adventure is based on time from 5 minutes to 45 minutes where the medium flying is between 5 to 10 minutes and high flying time b/w 12 to 20 minutes and the last and my favorite between 25 to 50 minutes.
  • The high flying sports will make your memories last long that you will never forget. The adventures will make you the lover of Paragliding in the hills.
  • The cost of paragliding is depended on your duration of fly and location. The adventures start from Bhimtal Lake in the direction of Naukuchiatal on Jungaliya Gaon in Nainital.
paragliding in nainital
Paragliding in Nainital
Paragliding in Nainital Available 1600
Day Out At Casa Dream, The Resort2 DAYRs. 3000

Paragliding At Spring Birds

Deluxe Room( 2 Guest)in operation
Deluxe Room (For couples)Rs. 3500

Paragliding At Naukuchiatal

per adult2000

Paragliding At Nainital

per adults2000
Per adults2500

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Trekking in Nainital or one-day trek in Nainital:

Nainital is one of the perfect hilly terrains for trekking for those who love trudge where you can feel the beauty of this hill station on foot.

Nanda Devi peak
Nanda Devi peak
naina peak nainital
Naina peak Nainital
  • The hill station is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Seven hills in Nainital gives you awesome trekking experience.
  • Situated in the middle of seven hills, Nainital is also known for Lake District of Uttarakhand
    the Nainital lake Bhimtal lake, Naukuchiatal etc. are the famous lake in Nainital.
  • Nanda Devi and China Peak trek is famous hilly trekking adventure in Nainital. In these Nanda Devi is longest and beautiful trek. one of these order to avail themselves an extra dose of adventure.
  •  China Peak is also nearby trek where many people trek and gives themselves an extra dose of adventure.
  • On the way of Nanda, Devi trek Visitors will enjoy snow-laden peaks of Nanda Devi and the most charm view of the town below. The awesome view that you want to capture in your camera.
  • One-day trek in Nainital is also available in these treks but Tiffin top is a short trek of around 3 km from Nainital and gives you an incredible perspective of the Seven Hills of the Himalayas and the town.
trekking in nainital
Trekking in Nainital

Corbett To Kunjkharak Trek In Uttarakhand

3 Days 2 Nights

(per adults)

Rs. 8000

Weekend Camping In Pangot Near Nainital

3 Days 2 Nights

(per adults)

Rs. 7000

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Best Skydiving in Nainital Uttarakhand

Like paragliding, Skydiving is also thrilling adventures in Nainital the 5000 plus heights will make your moment’s heart-stopping.

  • To jump from an aircraft with a parachute. (if you are doing it the first time you should try base jumping. Base jumping is the sport of jumping – while wearing a one-parachute safety  system – from non-moving objects.)
  • In the Nainital, the service is coming soon for the tourist visit us for a daily update. leave your email id for the direct update in your mailbox.

Adventure Camping in Nainital Best Places With Price 2018, 2019, Nainital Resorts And Hotels

Adventure Camping in Nainital best places With Price 2018, 2019. Nainital Resorts and Hotels Jungle camping in Nainital. Best places of Nainital the lake district of Uttarakhand for adventures in the seven hills of Nainital. Nainital is famous for lakes, adventure camping, and sports events like paragliding, and trekking.

Adventure Camping in Nainital best places and packages:

Camping in Nainital is the best course of action to experience the hill station. where peace and serene with the natural climate you can feel. Nainital is good for trekking, paragliding, boating, camping, yoga etc.

  • In the Nainital has many unspoiled lands and jungle hills that you can explore and camp at. The Nainital is situated in the middle of Seven Hills here is a big jungle of Corbett national park where you will see Elephants birds and many other species of the jungle.
  • You can take a paid boat to visit the lake and boat around for a couple of hours, trek down the town and enjoy the sunset from the lake, indulge in some food tasting activity where you can try the fast food, roasted corns, and peanuts and some sweet dishes.
  • While camping in Nainital, you can also start a short or long trek to glaciers like Kafni and Pindari where Pindari wedged between Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot peaks, Kafni is found beneath the Nandakot peak next to Pindar valley in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand.
  • There are also many camps which are around the Jim Corbett National Park think in your mind about the thrill to be camping in the jungle with the man-eaters abode. The camps also provide cottages with basic amenities if they are set amid the jungle and along with this, you can tread on a wild safari in the chilly mornings of the hill station.
camping in Nainital
Camping in Nainital

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Know About Nainital’s Beautiful view and local guidelines

Nainital is most beautiful and Himalayan resort town in the Kumaon region of India’s Uttarakhand State. There are many lakes like Nainital, Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal(lake of nine corners)  its popular for boating site with Naina Devi Hindu Temple on its north shore.

The Lake District of Uttarakhand. Boaters flock to hill-ringed Naini Lake,  A hike or horseback ride to the top of Naina Peak (Cheena or China Peak), the highest point, provides stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayas. To share a prime vantage point with family members of all ages, take the aerial lift up to Snow View.

Some of the important places in the district are Nainital, Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Ramnagar, Bhowali, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, Sattal, and Naukuchiatal. Nainital’s unending expense of scenic beauty is nothing short of a romance with awe-inspiring and pristine Mother nature.

Nanda Devi Peak
Nanda Devi Peak

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Hotels in Nainital 

Property TypeRoom Type and PlanPrice per Night
Royal Hotel2 Guest 1 RoomRs.2500

Himalaya Hotel

Deluxe Room( 2 Guest)Rs. 3000

Hotel Happy Home

Deluxe Room( 2 Guest)Rs. 2200
Hotel ChanniRajaSuper Deluxe(Full AC) 2 CouplesRs 3000
Hotel Prim RoseSuper Deluxe(Full AC) 2 CouplesRs 2600


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