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Best Paragliding, skywalk rate, price in Mussoorie, Dhanaulti and many more adventure paragliding sports in mussoorie with a very reasonable price with a full Safetyness by a expert and professional riding techniques.

Now Check the  Prices / Cost / Discount of Mussoorie Paragliding in Uttarakhand At Seasons.

About Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is covered with the Himalayas to the Northen Part of India and the part of Terai to the Southern Which make the High-low picturesque atmosphere for paragliding and much more activity tour to make the memorable memory. Here, we are providing some of the adventurous places to hook up. We are talking about the place of Mussoorie the land of Mountain queen in Uttarakhand and the best hill places in the country. Adventure gives us the much adventurous activity to tour in many hill palaces of Uttarakhand. Here we are providing some of these adventurous places which make the adventurous more memorable.

About Mussoorie:

Mussoorie is one of the best tourist places in which people want to choose for the adventure as well as for the tour, Government of Uttarakhand provides made the place for all the tourist and also made the safety and concern for all the local citizens as well as the tourist. If you want to explore your adventure tour through paragliding in Mussoorie we will provide you with all the details related to paragliding, check the list on our sites.

Mussoorie Paragliding – Prices / Cost / Charges  & Discount Offers:

Here we are providing you the best and reasonable price in which your comfortable. In our services, we will provide an instructor to guide all the necessary measurement for doing paragliding. Contact us if you have any suggestion or query we will assist you in any time. Prices of paragliding are depended on per person, So enjoy the nature of beauty in the sky and we will give all the safety measures or requirement which are necessary for the paragliding. Here is the list of charges which give you an idea to maintain your budget.


Paragliding In Mussoorie
Paragliding In Mussoorie

Prices / Charges  for Paragliding in Mussoorie:


The Place of venue is Mussoorie it will be tracked by GPS or any location finder navigation. So Enjoy the paragliding in Mussoorie with a taste of natural beauty and natural resources of forest in the sky which gives memorable memories in future of adventurous in past. We provide all the necessary completion. so that you could never have to wait for the date, we provide you the exact date and time with a venue and make it comfortable in which your demanding for.

Check our services also we will give all details related to paragliding on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social networking sites. If you find it fruitful kindly like us our page so that we will give you updates related to the adventure plan and tour planning in Uttarakhand thanks for having a time with us.

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Safety Measurement before Doing Paragliding In Mussoorie:

Make the trip of adventure in one step to know the real interface of flying in the sky with the best guide and experience person for doing paragliding, create the memory in paragliding which maintains the experience in the field of paragliding. Some important tips and tools which is necessary for paragliding that is :

Safety Tips before Paragliding
Safety Tips before Paragliding
  • Maintain silence and take deep breaths while paragliding.
  • Don’t panic when you were in the sky. It causes trouble, so be fearless when it’s about to fly in the sky.
  • Safety measurement of all tools is available. So don’t afraid of safety, enjoy the nature of beauty while paragliding.
  • It is important to keep in mind before participating in paragliding in any anywhere that the activity is considered or recommended by only those people, who do not have a fragile heart.
  • It is considered that the average speed of para-glider flies is in between 35-40 kph/ 20-25kph.
  • Another thing that will make you cheer it up is that locations. where the activity of adventure is hosted.
  • Prices of paragliding are depended on per person basis.
  • We make advance booking for paragliding, but you have to inform our team before one week.
  • Assures Booking Facility.
  • Pre-booking is required for the better management of paragliding services.

Concentrate in paragliding and listen to all the instructions of instructor carefully when it’s about to fly. We will provide an instructor to guide all the relevant instruction for doing paragliding, So follow the instruction of instructor which make your adventure Safe and sound.

Advance Booking for Mussoorie Paragliding:

Most of the time tourist come directly towards the paragliding point, it may be because of unawareness of the place of paragliding point and from that situation they have to wait for their turn because of advance booking of people or huge participation of the tourist. Pre-booking not only save the time but also assured the booking and for us to organize the activity properly within a specified period of time.

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