Best Adventure Sports in mussoorie Uttarakhand | Prices, Rates, Charges, Discount, Location

Adventure park, sports, paragliding, bungee jumping in Mussoorie and park ticket price in Mussoorie give many tourist beautiful and adventurous memory for the future. There are many adventure spots in Mussoorie to hook up some adventure in Mussoorie is skywalk, snowfall, rafting in Mussoorie, bungee jumping in Mussoorie, ropeway, camping, cycling and many more adventurous spots to do while in Mussoorie.

Adventure Sports In Mussoorie With Best Packages and Rates:

Uttarakhand the land of god, provides many pilgrims to make their wish true in this pristine holy land, where all devotee find peace in a temple of a different god in which they want to make their wish true. Uttarakhand is not only famous for the pilgrims, this state has also some uniqueness like adventure sports, trekking area, camping and much more exciting thrilling place to tour. Many districts of Uttarakhand gives adventure a special place for the tourist to explore the adventure in mountain or in the hilly area which makes the tour more wonderful and thrilling through Uttarakhand Life.

Mussoorie is some of these place which gives natural beauty and adventure activities in one place like rafting, skywalk, bungee jumping many more activities:

caving in mussoorie
caving in Mussoorie

Mountaineering-Strength of a body:

Mountaineering is one of the sports for climbing and rappelling for doing rock climbing activities in the mountain. Mussoorie has various types or sizes of rocks which come under 50ft to 600ft. You can choose according to their physical fitness, physical fitness, and mental pressure.

Caving:  It is the new way of mountain adventure. caving requires fearlessly guts, curiosity, and presence of mind which give passion for those who want to overcome from the heights.

Location: 6km  before Dhaunalti, near Mussoorie because there are several hidden caves which are surrounded by beautiful trees, alpine meadows and natural views of the Himalayan peaks. Mounterring is the best way to test yourself from the height.


  •  Rappelling and rock climbing cost 400 INR
  •  2800 INR for Caving tour of 4 people Group.


              River Rafting in mussoorie:       

rafting In Mussoorie
rafting In Mussoorie

Rafting is one among the famous adventure in Mussoorie for the lover adventure that provides the taste of Uttarakhand. These rivers flow through dense forests, rocky mountains and sometimes even snowy slopes which make the river beautiful in natural view.


  •    Barkot to Lakhamandal, near Mussoorie.
  •    Damta to Yamuna Bridge, near Mussoorie.


Depends On the Kilometer, it is customized plans and vary as per the duration of the journey.

Take Vehicle to explore-  Bike on Rent in Mussoorie, Dehradun.

    Rope Adventure In Mussoorie – Balance in rope:

Zipline in mussoorie
Zipline in Mussoorie

 Zipline:  Zipline is the famous and thrilling adventure for fun to explore the beauty of nature by crawling in rope with a wire rope. Harnessed are attached on wire rope with the help of pulley at the higher end and then slide freely without any hesitation with a speed approx 50kmph(speeds can depend) to the lower end of approx 330ft.


Location for Zipline–   Kempty Falls Near Mussoorie, Cloud End Estate, 3 km further Hathi-Paon,  near Mussoorie and many more.


Skywalk:  A tour of Mussoorie is incomplete without taking an adventure like skywalk because it is full of thrilling, daredevil activities and many more which help us to overcome our height. It is done by walking in a rope which is 360 ft long single wire at a height of 120 ft from the land with free hands. Safety is some of the major activity we ensure you to take safety measures which are always available at the campsite.


Location for Skywalk–  Dhanolti lagga Goth, near Mussoorie, Buranskhanda near Dhanaulti, Mussoorie, Dehradun.



Zip Swing:  Zip swing is similar to Zipline and a long swing at the height of 80 ft from the ground. The adventure takes place with the help of harness which is attached with a wire rope it goes down till the middle end then we swing high at the 80 ft from the ground then we return it to the position. This is just an act of Takilla Shot.


Location for Zip Swing– Mussoorie, Dehradun.


Prices: Start @ 300 INR for Zip Line and Zip Swings, 500 INR For Skywalk.


Zip swing mussoorie
Zip swing Mussoorie

Mussoorie Camping: Best Camping In Mussoorie

Snow Adventure In Mussoorie: Fun and Enjoy In Snow:

Mussoorie is surrounded by mountains, In winter it is covered with a white blanket that is Snow, Which covers the beautiful Mussoorie with a white feather of snow. In Winter Mussoorie is one of the best places in India to face the natural beauty of winter session in one location because here we get all the necessary requirement which is needed for the winter session.

Here adventure is some of the best ways to capture the winter session in camera. Mussoorie have all things to provide all the necessary adventure in winter session like Snow adventuresome of the adventure are as follows:

  • Skating Adventure.
  • Snow Tour.

Location – Mussoorie, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

snow skating in mussoorie
snow skating in Mussoorie

Things To Carry:

    • Your Medicines
    • Light woolens, Heavy woolens Sweaters, and Jackets
    • Shoes of mountaineering.
    • Two pairs of Trousers.


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