Escape Tribal Camps In chakrata, Chakrata Camping Price, Booking, Place To Visit In Chakrata:

Escape Tribal Camps in Chakrata, Chakrata Camping Price, Booking, Best Destination For Camping in Chakrata, Hotels. about Chakrata, Cantonment town in Chakrata, Jaunsari culture.

About Chakrata:

Chakrata is a town in Jaunsar-Bawar Dehradun district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is between the Yamuna and Tons rivers The area is known as Jaunsar-Bawar, which has a marked presence in a few surrounding villages. There is a large Cantonment town in Chakrata since British India. River Yamuna and tons give a beautiful location to this place.

Camping in Chakrata, Chakrata Camping Price:

The water trail that goes through the campsite adds charm to the place. Escape tribal camps is a small site around 30 mins walks from tiger fall. The campsite is surrounded by nature on all side.

  • A snaky drive through charm picturesque landscape will transfer you away from pollution and will take you to a world where filled with untouched wilderness, natural fresh air, and vast Himalayan flora topped with creative rustic decor, preparing you for a complete TRIBAL experience.
  • Yamuna valley is located down the hilly town and the panoramic view of the surroundings from the hillock is astonishing. Chakrata is famed as a tourist destination to spend vacations merging with Mother Nature’s grandeur gift.
  • Imagine reading a book while you laze around on a hammock, being surrounded by nothing but lush greenery or imagine dipping your feet in a freshwater stream that flows through your backyard. is where your image of an amazing vacation turns into reality.
  • Offering mountain views, beautiful sceneries of lush green hills take a local village tour and enjoy Jaunsari culture. Chakrāta provides accommodations and barbecue facilities. while you are in the hotel you can go hiking or relax in the garden.

    caming in chakrata
    Camps in Chakrata

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    Tiger Falls:-

    Away 22 km from Chakrata. The falls have managed to maintain its pristine wild beauty. Tucked away from the metropolitan life its ambivalence remains untouched from the clutches of westernization. So, if you are a nature lover or someone who is looking for a small getaway, the Tiger Falls is an ideal place to visit.

    Tiger Fall In Chakrata
    Tiger Fall In Chakrata

    Budher Caves:-

    The cave is around 150m long and is a brilliant spot for adrenaline junkies who are looking for some caving opportunities. The caves are mostly formed out of limestone rocks with brilliant stalagmite and stalactite formations.

    Budher Caves Chakrata
    Budher Caves Chakrata

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    Mundali is only 2km away from Dharagarh(A local place in chakra) and is bounded by an abundant and green forest. It provides an unforgettable extensive sight of the snowy Himalayan Treks. Mundali has vast ski gradients on which experts can take a delight of skiing.

    Mundali Chakrata
    Mundali Chakrata


    From Deoband, you will see a beautiful view of the Himalayan ranges and is surrounded by dense deodar forests. It has a truly peaceful environment giving inner calmness.

    Deoband photos
    Deoband Chakrata

    Chilmiri Neck:-

    Chilmiri Neck is just 3 km away from chakra and one can easily reach there by trekking. It is a large flat surface on the top of the hill from where on enjoy the sunset view if the weather is clear.


    Ram Tal Horticultural Garden:-

    Covered by varieties of lichen, ferns, flowering plants and woody trees, the garden is home to the famous Black-headed Jay, Grey Treepie and Oriental turtle dove.


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    Lakhamandal (Temple):-

    Situated in the Jaunsar-Bawar region of Dehradun district in the state of Uttarakhand. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is an old man who is a guide and he is very co-operative and provides details about the place.

    Lakhamandal Temple
    Lakhamandal Temple

    Hotels and Booking

    Property TypeRoom Type and PlanPrice per Night
    Snow View Hotel – Chakrata2 Guest 1 RoomRs.1500

    Hotel Hill Knights Chakrata

    Deluxe Room( 2 Guest)Rs. 4000

    High Hill MLS Heights

    Deluxe Room( 2 Guest)Rs. 6000
    Himalayan Paradise2 Couples 1 RoomCOMING SOON
    Hotel Burans2 Couples 1 RoomCOMING SOON



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